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Audio Engineer, Music Producer, Bassist

Silhouettes of the Crowds



I am Joel Joshua Bobby, an audio wizard, adept in studio recordings, live concert engineering, and the magical art of music mixing. Passion ignites within me as I capture and elevate performances, birthing exquisite melodies.

Currently, I pursue a Master's in Music Technology at NYU, honing my skills and expanding my audio engineering wisdom. My grand quest is to become a renowned recording engineer and mixer, collaborating intimately with gifted artists to manifest their musical dreams. Thriving in dynamic realms, I relish collaborations with artists, producers, and fellow engineers, delivering extraordinary results. Infused with creativity and order, I forever seek innovative paths to fulfill my aspirations.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am a zealous music devotee, exploring diverse genres and weaving melodies upon the bass guitar during moments of serenity.

If you seek an unwavering audio engineer, blessed with an acute ear and a relentless pursuit of excellence, let us unite and embark on a harmonious journey of creative collaboration.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Joel Bobby

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New York City, NY.

+91 9765340390

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